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Hello!! I am Thomas Jacob. I am a micro artist and this is my story. The interest in colors and shapes started at an early age, when just like any other kid I use to draw and color using crayons, water color etc. But I was more fascinated towards modeling and shapes and the only medium I could find at that point was wheat dough which my mom used to make chapattis. I use to take few of them and make small human figures and preserve it by drying and painting them. But there was a challenge as dough could break, so I started to make them hollow from within. It was not a long lasting medium but taught me how to visualize shapes and figures.

It was at age of 10 when I got fascinated with micro carving on small chalk pieces. That was the time when we started using ink pens, and the pens at that time use to leak a lot. So we use to take small chalk pieces thrown by teachers to blot the ink. That’s when one day I took my compass and tried to carve a human face in the ink dipped chalk piece. That was the start of a new art form and I kept on making them. I didn’t had any reference or anyone to teach me, so practiced on my own. Over the years perfected my hobby into more complex and sophisticated works on chalk.

Same time I also use to do water colors, pencil sketch etc. Later tried to expand my interest into other areas like micro art on pencil lead, painting, realistic pencil sketches, rice art and paper cut art etc.

My artworks are available on order. These can be customized for any special occasions or you can order any of the existing works. Use the gallery section to navigate your way around my small creative world. Use the contact me option to reach out to me and give your suggestions. I hope you enjoy browsing.



Jesus Christ on Rice Grain / Sunset on Rice Grain / Pulimurugan in paper Cup / Sail / The Rider / Cat / Tiger / Passion of Christ / Jesus on Pencil lead / Airplane on a Runway / Dancing Girl / Jesus on Chalk / Mermaid / Krshna / Marlin Monroe / Pulimurugan on Chalk / Buddha / Stallion on Chalk / Couple 2 / Motherhood / Arab and the Falcon / Kabali / The Kiss / Couple 1 / Chain Links on Chalk / Baahubali / Old Couple / Spiderman / Kathakali / Jesus / Leaf / Romance / Name on Pencil Lead / Hrithik / Kids Portrait / Micro Motor Cycle / Miniature Village Dioramma / Butterfly / The girl / The Mask / Love / Paper Tree / Sathya Sai Baba / Ganesha / The swing / Mohiniyattam / Marlin Monroe / Couple on Chalk / Custom Anniversary Gift / Love on paper / Giraffe on Pencil Lead / The Wolf / Statue of Liberty / Shaji Paappan on Pencil Lead / Commissioned order / The Prayer / The Prayer / The new Born / the hulk / Batman / Batman / Girl / Kaala Karikaalan / Sample 1 / Sample 2 / Sample 4 / Sample 5 / St Mathew / Big B / Thai Cave Rescue / Helicopter Rescue / Mahatma Gandhi / The Kerala Fishermen. / SAMPLE 6 / The Rain Song / The Photographer / The Black Panther / Meditating Buddha / The Infinity / The Elements / The Allignment / Nirvana / Wings of Soul / Vitarka / Enlightenment / Extinction / Minion / The Macau Parrot / Iguana / Peacock / Superman / The Camel / The Green Python / Chimpanzee / Kathakali on Chalk / Mohiniyattam / Chenda Melam / Kalaripayattu / Bharatanatyam / Wedding/ Aniiversary Gift / Anniversary Gift / The Maharaja of Mysore / Odiyan Manikyan / Kathakali / Lonely lady / Risen Jesus / Dream Home / Motherhood / Couples / Table Wadak / Mother Mary / Ganesha / Soldier / Buddha / HD Classic / Jesus on Cross / June the Movie / Priest and the Sacrament / Santa Claus / Mickey Mouse / Kangaroo / Sample 7 / Sample 8 / Sample 4 / Camel on Rice Grain / Kathakali on Rice / Beach on Rice / Taj Mahal on rice /

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